Benefits of Reverse SMS:

  1. There is nothing for you to do!
    • We manage the processing of your data that comes from your Library Management System (LMS)
    • We manage the web site that displays the full details to your customers
    • If not already doing so, you just need to send to us (via email, FTP, URL etc) your SMS data from your LMS
  2. We work with any LMS system
  3. Live reports & monthly totals re how many customers are tapping on:
    • The links you include in your promotional area (your library events calendar etc)
    • The link you include in your textural message (such as ‘Click here to see our next library book sale….’)
    • The link in the SMS (from this you can do a quick calculation of how much your library staff could be saving in time & money)
  4. Highly convenient for your customers and reduced effort for libraries
    Reverse SMS is the quickest possible way to access the full details referenced by the SMS.
    The customer does NOT need to:
    • Call the library, or
    • Log in to their account, or
    • Go searching for an app (in a sea of apps on their device); to only then require further actions to get the info...
    Any of these dramatically slows the process
  5. The link that appends the SMS is short
    It’s unlikely there’s a need to change much of the existing wording of your message(s), that may include:
    • ‘multiple hold items’ or
    • ‘multiple overdue items’ or
    • ‘multiple pre-overdue items’ or
    • ‘multiple pre-expiry items' (holds) or
    • 'multiple auto-renewal items'
    • The essence of your existing message is unchanged.
  6. The library can gently promote its services - helping the library stay relevant to its community
    At its discretion, the library can use the bottom section of the web page for other purposes, such as promoting events by including its events calendar etc
  7. Negligble cost for this service
    This innovation is value-added, time- & cost-saving and a much improved SMS service for you & your customers.
    We only ask that the library contribute a small amount (around a few dollars per week) to the on-going costs to maintain this great innovation. Please use the contact form to learn more.
  8. Nothing lost if some customers don't have a smart phone
    The essence of the SMS message is still captured...just as it was before.