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Best practice in library SMS borrower notices

It's unclear for customers when SMS notices refer to 'multiple items', like these:

This can result in:
Library staff having to take phone queries from customers
Customers unable to remember the set of items in question
Hassles for the customer - search for an app (in a sea of apps), or login to their library account

The SMS message below is the best practice in library SMS borrower notices

When unsure, or to just view details, the customer taps the highlighted link under the heading
"Full info:"

Click the link in Prue's SMS...just like she would tap it to see All items she has overdue...

View all items -> alttext alttext
Reverse SMS is the solution. It:

Requires no further action...the answer is at the customer's finger tips!
Provides all the details the customer need to call the library!
Results in a win for the library and a win for the customer

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Other features you’ll love...
  • Customisable: edit your message wording at anytime

  • Include/update/remove your promotional items anytime

  • Simple reports: how many customers tap the SMS link & your promotional items

  • No effort for libraries to set up Reverse SMS

Library Case study

A library takes just 2 calls per week from customers.

They request more details about the SMS they received for multiple overdue items…
  • Assume library staff quickly answer each query in just:
    5 mins

  • Cost to library per year: ~$800 in real costs, let alone loss in productivity etc

  • Cost to customer: inconvenience & call cost
All these negative impacts are easy to avoid with Reverse SMS